Academic Advising

The HHS counselors provide a broad range of academic advising support including, assisting students who request a schedule change; helping students craft a long-term graduation plan; answering questions about which classes to register for; and creating a plan of action for students who are deficient on credits and/or in danger of not graduating. While students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they register for and accumulate the credits needed to graduate, the counselors are available and happy to support students who need help.

A HHS graduate successfully completes 54 credits in Grades 9–12. Specific course requirements vary depending on graduation year.

Curricular Area

 Credits Required    



 Language Arts  
          English 9              2                 
          American Lit              2                 
          Global Lit              1                
          Writer's Workshop              1                 
          Lang Arts Electives              2                 
 Social Studies  
          Civics 9              2                 
          US History              2                 
          World Studies              2                 
          Soc Stud Electives              2                 
Mathematics (Geometry, Algebra 2 & Math Electives)              6                 
          Physical Science              2                 
          Biology              2                 
          Chem or Physics              2                 
Health Science  
          Health 9             0.5                
          Health              1                 
Physical Education  
          PE 9              1                
          PE 10              1                 
Fine Arts              2                 
Financial Literacy             
          Financial Literacy 9              0.5               
          Personal Finance              1.0                
General Electives              19


TOTAL CREDITS              54*                
* 4 credits of World Language recommended for Class of 2017 and beyond