College & Military Visits

Thank you very much for devoting your time and interest in visiting our community, our school and most importantly, our students!


College Representatives: To schedule a visit to HHS, please go to

All visits will be posted on our Naviance page which all of our 10th-12th grade students and most parents have access to view.  Furthermore, all visits will be posted around our school, sent through weekly counselor's corner and sent through weekly advisory announcements.   We ask that all visits go no more than 30mins. For a longer visit, please email Mr. Vang. 

College Rep Information for Students

Each year over 200 college admissions representatives visit the HHS College and Career Center (W130) to speak with interested students. Visits are scheduled during the day and typically last 30–45 minutes.

Students are welcome to meet with the college admissions representatives if they have permission and a hall pass from their teacher. Students should not miss important lectures, quizzes, or tests. If students can not attend the session, please visit the CCC after the meeting to pick up information left by the college representative.

Meetings are informal conversations among several students and the representative. During the meeting students will learn about academic programs, campus life, and the admissions process.

The college visit schedule is posted daily on the television monitor outside the CCC, and is also accessible on the HHS Naviance Family Connection website. 


College Fair Information

Over 115 Schools Will be Represented

When: Tuesday, March 10th, 2020, from 12:45 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.
Who: All sophomores and juniors will attend and seniors who could benefit. 

The Counseling Department encourages students to be thoughtful in preparing for their time at the fair.  Please take some time to review the "How to do the College Fair" sheet and the list of institutions attending, found in the resource box to the right, which makes great suggestions for questions to consider asking the representatives. 

In addition to the College Fair throughout the week there will be a college buzz around Hopkins High School:
  • Students are encouraged to register for their barcodes in advance of the fair can do this anytime at
  • Throughout the week students and staff are encourage to wear college gear
  •  Staff will also be sharing their college stories/experiences with students
  • Pennants, posters and table tents with college related information will be posted around the school and on tables in the cafeteria.