Language Immersion

Immersion Education:  Opening the Door to Global Competency

Hopkins Public Schools offers students a unique opportunity to develop language and cultural proficiency through two language immersion programs: XinXing Chinese immersion and Juntos Spanish immersion. Both programs provide rigorous and innovative curriculum that opens the door to global competency for Hopkins students.

XinXing Chinese Immersion

XinXing is a fully articulated K-12 Chinese immersion program. XinXing attracts students from all parts of the Hopkins School District, as well as from other school districts in the Twin Cities area through open enrollment. XinXing Academy opened at Eisenhower Elementary School in 2007. It provides an early total Chinese immersion education for students in kindergarten through grade 6. In grade 7, XinXing students transition to our secondary Chinese immersion continuation program at XinXing@West Junior High for grades 7-9, and then to XinXing@HHS at Hopkins High School for grades 10-12. Our goal is for XinXing students to achieve advanced-level language and cultural proficiency in Chinese by the end of grade 12.

Elementary Spanish Immersion

Kindergarten Spanish Immersion began in fall of 2020. We will add grade 1 Spanish immersion next year. The Elementary Spanish Immersion program at Eisenhower Elementary complements the existing English and Chinese immersion pathways already in place and fits into our larger vision to develop holistic, global thinkers. The program will grow into a full K-12 Spanish Immersion Program one grade level at a time through grade 6. Students will join our successful Juntos Spanish immersion program at North Jr High and Hopkins High School. 

Juntos Spanish Immersion

Juntos is a secondary Spanish immersion continuation program that begins in grade 7 at Hopkins North Junior High and continues at Hopkins High School through grade 12. Juntos is unique in that it brings together native speakers of Spanish and students who have completed an elementary Spanish immersion program, with the goal of developing high levels of language and cultural proficiency in Spanish. Juntos students in grades 7-9 take humanities, science, and physical education/health classes taught in Spanish. At the high school level, Juntos students continue their study of Spanish in advanced language and literature courses designed especially for them.

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