Talent Development Services

The Hopkins Public Schools Talent Development Services program offers support and guidance to our most able learners. The mission of this program is to provide gifted students the opportunity to discover and nurture their potential for academic excellence in challenging and supportive environments.

Each of our schools has a full-time Talent Development coordinator who ensures exceptional students have access to rigorous educational opportunities in core subject areas. In conjunction with the classroom teachers, they provide a variety of programs and services for identified students in all grades.

Boasting a variety of educational opportunities is a fundamental feature of our Talent Development Services program. By providing services appropriate to the academic level of each student, each learner has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. This philosophy ensures services are adequately provided to gifted students who are hard to identify through formal means, such as standardized testing.


Overview of Talent Development Services

Hopkins offers a wide range of levels and types of talent development programming.

Elementary Talent Development Services

Hopkins Talent Development Services are available at all six of our elementary schools, starting in kindergarten.

Junior High Talent Development Services

Hopkins Talent Development Services are available at both of our junior high schools.

High School Talent Development Services

Hopkins High School offers a robust array of high level learning opportunities for the talent development student.

Identifying Students for Talent Development Services

There are a variety of criteria and considerations used to identify talent development students.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration to a higher grade level may be considered for highly advanced students.

Credit by Assessment

Credit by Assessment is an opportunity for students to bypass a required course because they have already mastered the material.

Young Scientist Roundtable

A monthly program designed for students to learn about exciting ideas and developments in many scientific fields.

Support Your Child

What parents can do to support their Talent Development student.

Volunteer with Talent Development Services

A wide variety of volunteer opportunities is available for parents.

Additional Links

Keep abreast of information and opportunities that match your child.


Contact our Talent Development Coordinators at each school.