Lindbergh Center Membership Information

Become a member of Lindbergh Fitness Center!

You can enroll in person at Lindbergh Center or mail in a completed membership form. Please send the enrollment form to:
Lindbergh Center, 2400 Lindbergh Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55305. 
We accept cash or check only. Membership badges must be picked up in the Lindbergh Center office.

Please note that the Lindbergh Center main doors are locked between 7:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. on school days. To access the fitness center during this time, you must enter through the Hopkins High School main entrance.

Membership now includes Open Swim at the Eisenhower Community Center pool.

Lindbergh Center Membership Pricing (annual)

USER             USE             RESIDENT           NON-RESIDENT
Student      Complete                N/A                          $70
College       Complete                $55                          $70
Adult          Basic                      $80                          $105
Adult          Complete                $105                        $145
Senior        Complete                $55                          $70
Family        Basic                      $110                        $155
Family        Complete                $155                        $225
Daily          Complete                $5                            $5

Resident: is defined as a resident of the Hopkins School District or the city of Minnetonka. Photo identification is required for proof of residency.

Non-Resident: refers to all other users.

Family: refers to two or more participants residing in the same household.

Senior: refers to any adult age 60+.

Student: refers to any child age 12+ that is not currently enrolled in the Hopkins School District or residing in the City of Minnetonka. Hopkins School District students must present their student ID upon entry.

Basic: refers to open gym (when applicable), the walking/jogging track, open swim, and community locker rooms.

Complete: includes the use of the weight room and cardio room plus open gym, the walking/jogging track, open swim, and the community locker rooms.