Facility Uses and Rental Information

School Use of the Lindbergh Center

Hopkins Public Schools uses the Lindbergh Center for athletics, physical education classes, graduation, music concerts, and other special events. 

Community Use of the Lindbergh Center

The Lindbergh Center's 3,800-square-foot exercise and conditioning area provides community residents the opportunity to maintain overall fitness. Patron cards for use of these areas include "Basic Use" (refers to use of the walking/jogging path, open gym, and community locker areas) and "Complete Use" (refers to use of fitness center/weight room in addition to Basic Use as listed above). Cards can only be purchased at the Lindbergh Center and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Rent the Lindbergh Center

The Lindbergh Center is available to rent through Hopkins Event Services. You will need to log into our scheduling system to reserve space. If you do not already have an account, contact Nicole Hancock at Nicole.Hancock@hopkinsschools.org or call 952-988-4518.