SCIP: School & Community in Partnership

SCIP is a collaborative organization that meets to share information and works to improve the community.

SCIP: School & Communities in Partnership

School & Communities in Partnership (SCIP) is Hopkins School District's Family Services Collaborative. The SCIP Collaborative meets monthly to share information and look for opportunities to improve the community by working together to solve community problems that are beyond the scope of any single organization. Collaborative members are representatives from Hopkins School District, Hennepin County, cities, social service providers, apartment management companies and faith communities.

With representatives from Hopkins School District, city municipalities, social service providers, faith communities and Hennepin County. SCIP collaborative members meet monthly to identify and prioritize human service needs of Hopkins School District and member communities. SCIP administers the Local Collaborative Time Study (LCTS), a federal funding source.

SCIP's Mission Is:

With a focus on both networking and action, the mission of SCIP is to collaboratively identify, prioritize, and communicate recommendations for action to address the human service needs of all citizens in the Hopkins School District and member communities.

SCIP Coordinator

Holly Magdanz, 952.988-4323 • email:

If you are interested in being added to the SCIP email list, please contact Holly.

SCIP Meetings 

You are welcome to come to a SCIP meeting! Email Holly Magdanz for details: