Community Spirit

Deb Fiorella Franke

Deb Fiorella Franke wants what most parents want for their children — the best life they can possibly have. This notion fits well with Hopkins Public Schools’ quest to go from Great to World Class, because every child in Hopkins deserves a brilliant future. Franke decided to support this vision by volunteering her time in the District’s strategic focus teams, where she acted as a co-leader for the reimagining communications and marketing team.

“I believe Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed is right to be reimagining education for our children,” Franke said. “I run a small business, and the rate of change is accelerating at an ever-increasing pace. As much as possible, I believe that education needs to prepare our children to be able to succeed within this type of environment.”

Q: Your proudest moment volunteering?
I love seeing kids succeed at something they’ve worked hard at, like after a performance or watching them all work together to fundraise and reach a goal. It’s at those times I know the world is going to be in good hands.

Q: I volunteer because…
I want to give back and make a difference. I enjoy helping others succeed, however they define success for themselves.

Q: What person has influenced you the most?
My father, mother, grandmother, and husband.

Q: Podcasts or books on tape?
I love the podcast “99% Invisible.” It always expands my view of what’s possible and how design thinking is used to problem solve.