Asbestos Notification

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires a semi-annual asbestos survey at each school to monitor the overall condition of previously known or assumed asbestos containing material (ACM). Those identified ACM that are damaged or friable are abated and/or repaired in accordance with AHERA regulations. Hopkins Public Schools uses licensed Minnesota Department of Health abatement and consulting services for the management of ACM.

District policies and school specific management plans are available at each site. In addition, the Buildings and Grounds Department has information on all abatement projects throughout the district. This information is available without cost or restriction. 

For more information regarding asbestos, please contact program administrator Jeff Goldy, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, at 952.988.4263, or via email. The Buildings and Grounds Department is located at 1001 Highway 7, Suite 96, Hopkins, MN 55305.