Alexander Young

Stats: 2003 graduate • Professional musician • Bachelor of music in performance from McNally Smith College of Music 


Alexander Young has gone from a young prodigy exploring music in the Hopkins band room to a professional musician touring with the likes of Talib Kweli, Jeremy Messersmith, and the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. After studying at the University of Minnesota Duluth for several years, he left to learn alongside national music producers and graduated from McNally Smith College of Mu- sic in St. Paul. Young plans to continue his career as a freelance musician while exploring other outlets as a nutritional therapy practitioner.

Favorite Band of 2003? The Bad Plus.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Mr. Bell, Mr. Culloton, and Ms. Hawley were huge for me. They gave me so many opportunities to explore music.

How did Hopkins prepare you? How did having the best music department in the state prepare me to become a full-time professional musician? I couldn’t say ... (is sarcasm allowed in these?). 

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