Alissa (Peterson) Krueger

Stats: 2004 graduate • Learning and development specialist at Sholom Community Alliance • Bachelor of Arts, communications studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

After her days as a Royal, Alissa Krueger followed her passion and began a professional career in healthcare nonprofits. After receiving her certificate in human resources in 2013, she began working for the Sholom Community Alliance, which provides services for older adults with residential, social services, and healthcare needs in St. Louis Park. A newlywed, Alissa is living the charmed life in Uptown with her husband and two cats. She has future plans to travel and enroll in graduate school for educational leadership or human resources.

Favorite music artist of 2004? Weezer.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Douglas Dart, my humanities teacher. Mr. Dart instilled in me the importance of learning about human behavior and being open to discourse.

How did Hopkins prepare you? There were many teachers, coaches, and instructors who I felt truly cared about my success. I feel very lucky to have graduated from a high school that embraced inclusion, diversity, and celebrated differences.

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