Allyson (Brown) Fanger

Stats: 1983 graduate • Costume designer for Netflix original series “Grace and Frankie”  B.A. in social anthropology from University of Colorado Boulder

Even though Fanger has moved from Minnesota to California, it’s safe to say that she hasn’t given up her Midwestern roots. She was recently nominated for an Emmy in contemporary costume design. Three of the five nominees were Minnesotan, and they are all friends.

Fanger lives in L.A. with her husband and three daughters. She loves her job in the entertainment business, but her Midwest friends have been an invaluable comfort and touchpoint in the big city.

Favorite band of ‘83? Bruce Springsteen.

What was your favorite hangout spot at Hopkins High School? The Senior Steps, of course!

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Mr. Moss was an inspiring teacher who really took an interest in his students. I will always remember him for engaging me when I wasn’t easily engaged.

How did Hopkins prepare you? I remember Hopkins High had a lot of opportunities to be involved and engaged.