Cristin (Clark) Caruso

Stats: 1999 graduate • Teacher and peer coach in Bloomington school district B.S., elementary education and English, UW-Madison; M.Ed., Hamline University; Education Specialist degree, Minnesota State, Mankato

Hopkins Public Schools taught alum Cristin (Clark) Caruso how to be a lifelong learner, and as an educator herself, she is fostering that passion with her own students. A teacher and peer coach in the Bloomington school district, Caruso has spent the last 13 years dedicated to sharing her interest in student, staff, and family engagement, technology, inquiry based/hands-on learning, and developing cultural competency.

Favorite music artist of 1999? Anything pop related. 

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? 

Mrs. Shannon Bailey was someone who always honored our ideas, and encouraged our team to make a difference. Mr. Motzko provided an amazing opportunity for our class to engage and respond to challenging literature.

How did Hopkins prepare you?

From the very beginning, Hopkins Public Schools became a community that supported more than just the academics, and I am thankful for the many staff, from teachers to school nurses, that my family and I interacted with throughout the years. Beyond the content, I also formed lifelong friendships!

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