Dominique Seetapun

Stats: Senior Product Development Scientist, Miromatrix Medical Inc. • Bachelor of chemical engineering; Ph.D., biomedical engineering, University of Minnesota

Dominique Seetapun never stops learning. From her passion for the arts and sciences in high school to her love of research in college, she credits much of her solid academic foundation to her studies at Hopkins. Her curiosity in the classroom drives her professional career where she now works toward creating whole transplantable organs. 

Favorite hangout spot during Hopkins High School? The music wing. Ironically, it was quiet there and gave me a minute to think.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Mr. Robert Fuhr and Mrs. Kathy Nelson. Mr. Fuhr introduced me to photography, which I absolutely love. My appreciation for Mrs. Nelson actually came during college when I realized that students could learn anything when it’s broken down into manageable pieces.

How did Hopkins prepare you? Hopkins High School allowed me to explore activities that interested me while ensuring that I had a solid foundation once I graduated. I cannot say enough for the music program and the technology department.

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