Emily (Pryor) Winton

Stats: 1999 graduate  Associate General Counsel at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics Bachelor of Arts, Wellesley College; Jurors Doctorate, University of Minnesota Law School

Hopkins High School helped build a strong academic foundation for Emily Winton, who went on to graduate from the prestigious Wellesley College followed by the University of Minnesota Law School. Her love of history and debate were fostered throughout her coursework as a Royal. Now, she’s a devoted health care attorney and spends much of her time with her husband, three young children, and family dog. 

Favorite hangout spot during Hopkins High School? I have a lot of happy memories of time spent at the Eisenhower Community Center theater.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Jenny Cook and Carrie Lucking were my AP U.S. and European history teachers, debate coaches, and powerful female role models for me as a debater and future professional. 

How did Hopkins prepare you? Since graduation, I’ve come to realize that the diversity I found among Hopkins students has been a huge asset to me.

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