Jack Deutsch

Stats: Branch manager at U.S. Bank Four Seasons Branch • B.A. in business administration, Hamline University 

Deutsch knows a thing or two about curveballs. When he attended Hopkins High School as a student, he was part of the baseball team that went to state his senior year. Three years ago, Deutsch decided to return — this time as a coach.

Starting his undergrad at Western Kentucky University, he eventually transferred to Hamline University where he found his love for business, and his future wife — they were married in July. Now, he is a branch manager at U.S. Bank, a job that he enjoys very much.

Favorite band of ‘12? Dave Matthews Band.

What was your favorite hangout spot at Hopkins High School? The baseball field.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Two teachers really prepared me for college. Mr. Kocur really allowed us to explore our strengths, and Mr. Rexroth was always there to be a resource.

How did Hopkins prepare you? Hopkins had the resources for me to excel to the next level.