Kelly (Wussow) Stade

Kelly (Wussow) Stade


Stats: 2000 graduate • Library Manager at the Hennepin County Library • B.A., psychology, 2004, University of St. Catherine; Master of library and information science, 2006, University of St. Catherine

Kelly Stade — who is the sister of fellow “Where Are They Now?” feature Emily York — enjoyed a good, hot chocolate chip cookie during her time at Hopkins. But she also devoured her education and is hoping to spark the same interest in the eager readers who come through the Hennepin County Library. Her time in the District a orded her lifelong friends and a curiosity for lifelong learning. Kelly lives in Minneapolis with her husband, 1 year-old daughter, and their two cats. 

Favorite Hopkins High School hangout? The lunchroom — for those chocolate chip cookies! 

Favorite Band of 2000? Linkin Park and Britney Spears.

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? I loved English class with Mr. Clark — his Greek mythology class sparked a passion for mythology.

How did Hopkins prepare you? Hopkins taught me to be a curious learner throughout my life. 

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