Kristy Collier

Stats: 1989 graduate • Headway Emotional Health Treatment Therapist B.A. in human services, University of Phoenix; M.A. in science/clinical mental health counseling, Walden University

Hopkins grad Kristy Collier has spent much of her professional career focusing on the mental health and well being of others. She has been focused on ensuring Minnesotans of all ages have access to critical services that allow them to succeed. Her Hopkins education taught her resilience and perseverance, and that success, no matter the circumstance, is always possible.

Favorite Hopkins High School hangout? I loved band and spent tons of time hanging with the forever awesome Mr. Bates. I also loved KHOP. 

What Hopkins teacher made a difference? Mr. Bates was amazing!

How did Hopkins prepare you? Hopkins taught me to believe in myself and that success was the only option. I remember in history class saying that I would love to travel and become a historian. And I remember the teacher saying,’  She can do whatever she puts her mind to.’ Then the teacher looked at me and said, ‘Fix your mind on what you desire.’ That has stayed with me.

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