Rachel Kelm

Stats: 2001 grad • Activity supervisor at Alice Smith Kids & Company • Certification in massage and body work, Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork

Working in the Hopkins Kids & Company program is a full circle experience for former Royal Rachel Kelm. Once a participant in the program, she is now an activities supervisor. She has been part of the Kids & Company team for the last 17 years. A budding model and actress, Rachel enjoys sharing her life experiences and talents with her students every day.

Favorite Hopkins High School hangout: I would say in the stands with friends cheering on the athletes and supporting the theatre productions.

Favorite music artists of 2001: soulDecision, NSYNC, and Matchbox Twenty.

What Hopkins teacher made a diffrence? I’ve had many sta positively impact my life throughout my Hopkins education. The best part is getting to grow those relationships as a staff member.

How did Hopkins prepare you? Hopkins prepared me to strive for excellence. I have learned to try new things and enjoy the journey. 

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