Hopkins One Voice Coalition

The Hopkins One Voice Vision:  All young people are valued and the community speaks with one voice to support their healthy development.

The Hopkins One Voice Mission: Unite and empower our Hopkins Schools' community to promote healthy youth development and reduce substance use. 

Our History:
Originally called Reduce the Use, this collaborative effort was established after the 1998 MN Student Survey (which currently measures attitudes and behaviors in 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th graders throughout Minnesota) clarified the reality of student chemical use by Hopkins Public Schools' youth. A town meeting was conducted in April 1999, and the school district community was made aware of the problem. Two hundred and fifty community members signed cards pledging their commitment, and the Reduce the Use Coalition was born.  Sharon McDonald, MSW was the first program coordinator.  In August 2008, the name was changed to Hopkins Community Coalition: One Voice For Reducing Youth Chemical Use.  In 2013, the coalition rebranded with a new logo, mission, and vision.

Hopkins One Voice Coalition Today:

As we move into the 2017-2018 school year, the Hopkins One Voice Coalition is proud to be continuing its strong tradition of uniting and empowering students, families, schools, and the community. Our coalition is comprised of multiple community sectors, including: schools, parents, students, educational leadership, law enforcement and public safety, health care, youth-serving organizations, treatment providers, and city municipalities.

Through the Minnesota Student Survey, which is conducted every three years at Hopkins Public Schools and across Minnesota, we can celebrate that the self-reported use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by teens, both at Hopkins and statewide, has shown a steady decline in the past 15 years.  However, areas of concern remain, and our coalition works collaboratively to identify and respond to the changing challenges that impact our youth today.

Our current areas of focus include:

  • Prevention of substance abuse
  • Support for mental health challenges
  • Strategies for families to manage healthy technology use
  • School, family, and community partnerships
  • Empowering students to advocate for safe and healthy behaviors


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Parenting information, support, and facts about current substance use statistics. Stay current, and keep the conversation alive in your household. 

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For more information or questions, contact: Holly Magdanz, Hopkins One Voice Coordinator, at: holly.magdanz@hopkinsschools.org, 952-988-4323

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