Infinite Campus Portal Information

Infinite campus provides instant access to accurate, current, and confidential information about your child's school attendance, grades, class assignments, lunch balance, and more!

For data privacy, accessing this information requires a password, and you will only be able to see the information for your children. Sign up for the parent portal.


Portal Account Request

Need an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account? Complete this form and your activation key will be sent to you.  We understand the urgency and are responding to requests as soon as possible.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal User Guide (pdf, 1 MB)

Learn how to navigate the Parent Portal.  Make sure you're using all aspects of the available information.

Online Payment User Guide (pdf, 2 MB)

Complete, step by step directions for setting up and using the online payments through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Make lunch deposits, pay athletic fees and more!

Setting Up Recurring Payments (pdf, 177 KB)

You can now set up automatic deposits to your child's lunch account. You can decide whether to add money on a monthly basis, or when the account reaches a minimum balance.