About Meadowbrook Elementary

About the Meadowbrook Elementary Community


Nestled among gardens and trees in Golden Valley, Meadowbrook is one of six elementary schools in the Hopkins School District. With approximately 790 students in grades K–6, Meadowbrook has highly skilled and caring teachers and staff members. Early childhood programming, a large community gymnasium, a well-equipped playground, and a nationally accredited before-and-after-school child-care offer opportunities and options for our families.


Meadowbrook is a school of choice.

Approximately 50 percent of our students are open-enrolled from other districts. Families who choose our Meadowbrook community place a high value on diversity, academic excellence, and a sense of belonging. Our parents are highly involved in their children’s education and in the events and activities at Meadowbrook.


Meadowbrook students are Kind, Safe, and Ready.

Meadowbrook has integrated PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports), which is our school-wide framework for evidence-based best practices to support positive behavioral and academic outcomes for all students.

Key components of this framework are school-wide expectations for behavior and acknowledging positive behavior. Our motto is “At Meadowbrook we are kind, we are safe, and we are ready. We recognize individual students' positive behavior with Golden Tickets. Golden Ticket Pancake breakfasts occur monthly. In addition, we recognize classrooms demonstrating exemplary kindness, safety, and readiness with traveling Golden Awards such as a golden tennis shoe, golden paintbrush, golden tambourine, golden lunch tray and a golden heart each week.


Meadowbrook is a healthy school.

We believe that exercise and brain breaks help students be better thinkers, therefore classrooms have scheduled and unscheduled breaks throughout the day so that students can stay focused on their learning.  We encourage healthy snacks everyday and have a snack cart with nutritious snacks for students to select each day. In our gardens we grow food that is served in the lunchroom.

Our teachers are experimenting with flexible seating and you may see students sitting on balls, wobble stools, scoop chairs, carpet at low tables, stand up desks, or at moveable tables throughout the school day.


Our teachers practice Culturally and Linguistically Responsive (CLR) Teaching.

CLR pedagogy is not exclusive to any one group or culture and teachers validate and affirm the home cultures and languages of students for the purpose of building and bridging the students to success. They do this with intentional strategies for movement, attention signals, collaboration, and discussion and responses, interacting in pairs, large or small groups and individually.


We have a Growth Mindset at Meadowbrook.

At Meadowbrook students understand that no one is perfect. Learning involves making mistakes and we can learn a lot from our mistakes. Students know that by trying hard and being persistent they will improve.


STEM at Meadowbrook

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Natalie Sawatzky, Principal, Trenton Lawson, Assistant Principal