Business Services

The Business Service Department strives to provide the most cost-efficient and effective system possible to support and enhance the learning environment and the many operations of Hopkins Public Schools within our budget parameters.

The Business Services Department oversees the Business Office, Buildings and Grounds, Food Services, and Transportation departments. The controller, accountant, revenue accountant, accounts payable, payroll, copy center, and mail are all part of the Business Services Department and located in the Educational Services Center in Eisenhower Community Center.

The department also oversees school board elections and any other capital or operating referendum elections.


Budget Information

Learn about Hopkins Public Schools' budget-setting process.

Truth in Taxation Information

Hopkins Public Schools proposed a 0.7% percent levy increase for 2021.


The auditors, working with the Director of Business Services and Controller, produce an executive audit summary, comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR), and student activity audit after thoroughly examining all of our school district’s financial records.

Citizen's Financial Advisory Committee

The Citizens Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) meets several times during the year to provide advice, direction, and support to the Hopkins School Board and senior administration in evaluating the overall fiscal condition of our school district.

Budget Funds in the District

The State of Minnesota directs school district to establish different sets of financial accounts or funds to manage school operations.

Truth in Taxation 2017-18 Levy

The Hopkins School Board annually presents materials on property taxes to the community. These materials cover the current budget and proposed property taxes for the next school year.

Financing of Schools in Minnesota

Elementary and secondary education in Minnesota is financed through a combination of state-collected taxes (primarily income and sales taxes) and locally collected property taxes.

Contacts & Staff

Meet our Business Services staff and find individual contact information.