Immunizations Needed for School

In order to attend class in the Hopkins School District, students must provide documentation that they have either had the required immunizations or that they are exempt.

A full list of required immunizations is available below.

New vaccine requirement for all 12th graders in 2020/2021 school year

There is a new state requirement for all 12th grade students to have proof of a second meningococcal vaccine at the start of next school year. Please talk to your medical provider now to provide that documentation as soon as possible. The immunization documentation form is linked below.  You do have the option to medically exempt or object to vaccination. Use the link below to learn more.

If you have questions, don't know where to go for shots or do not have health insurance, contact your child's school nurse.


Are Your Kids Ready (English) (pdf, 206 KB)

A full list of the immunizations required by law.

Student Immunization Form (pdf, 162 KB)

This form can be used to document immunizations and/or to claim an exemption from the requirements for medical reasons or the conscientiously held beliefs of the parent/guardian.