Employee Benefits FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding your benefits, now including 5 minute long informative webinars


Benefits Video: In-Depth Look: Common Terms

First in a Four part series: A look at more common medical insurance terms you might come across

Benefits Video: In-Depth Look: VEBA vs Flex

Second in a Four part series: A look at the VEBA and Flex plans, how they are different and which is best for you

Benefits Video: In-Depth Look: Deductible vs Out of Pocket Max

Third in a Four part series: A look at how a deductible works differently than an out of pocket maximum, yet they work together.

Benefits Video: In-Depth Look: PreferredOne Website

Fourth in a Four part series: A look at the PreferredOne website and how you can best use it to your advantage

Am I covered through the summer?

I don't work summer months. Will I still have medical and dental coverage?

Combining Positions for Benefits

Can I combine positions in the school district to qualify for benefits? For example, can I work 4 hours a day as a paraprofessional and 2 hours a day in School Nutrition?

Deductible Plan vs. Care Team?

Is the Deductible medical plan really such a great deal? I seem to be paying more out of my own pocket!

Deductible vs. Out-of-Pocket Max?

What exactly is the difference between a "deductible" and the "out-of-pocket maximum"?

Who is considered "In-Network"

How do I find out who is considered "In-Network" with our health and dental plans?

Gym membership premium credit?

Can I get a credit for going to my gym a certain amount of times per month?

How are my deductions figured?

Why isn't my payroll medical deduction one-half of the monthly premium?

Flex vs. VEBA?

Why should I Flex money if I have a VEBA account?

When does our plan year run?

What are the dates of our plan year? How about Open Enrollment—when is that?

Why doesn't the district pay more of our premiums?

It seems that employees in other school districts get more of their insurance premiums paid than we do. Why is that?