Worker's Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, there are certain steps you need to take within a limited time period.

  • Get proper medical attention
  • Report to your supervisor as soon as possible
  • Call Medcor to report your injury at 855.736.9482, please call Medcor as soon as possible
  • If you visit a physician, ask for a work status note, provide a copy to your supervisor and the Benefits Office

When visiting a clinic for care, make sure you alert the clinic that this is a Worker's Compensation visit.

You will be contacted by a representative of RAS, the company that handles all of our Worker's Comp claims.

It is your responsibility to forward all paperwork to the Benefits office. If you miss work due to your injury, you must have a doctor's note in order to be reimbursed for your time off work.


Accident Investigation Form (doc, 166 KB)

Please fill this out so we can better monitor accidents as they occur in the district

When injured - Where to go? (pdf, 174 KB)

A listing of preferred medical providers for you to see when injured.

MN Department of Labor Information (pdf, 176 KB)

Information from the Minnesota Department of Labor regarding Worker's Compensation