Hopkins School District Interpreter Request

Need an Interpreter for a Conference or Meeting?

Professional interpreters are available for parent conferences, meetings, diagnostic testing and other needs. Please allow 5 days notice to schedule an interpreter. Use this convenient online interpreter request form.

For Hopkins School District Staff Use Only


  • make your request 1 week in advance
  • make your request for interpreters by completing all of the information below
  • note that interpreters are not always available, and flexibility in scheduling may be necessary
Date and Time Interpreter Needed
Please make your request 1 week in advance
If the location is not at a Hopkins school, please indicate the address.
Language Interpretation Needed
Is this for Special Education?
Is this for a
Student Information
Your interpreter will confirm the appointment with the parents, if time allows.

Before your requested date, you will receive a confirmation of the interpreter's appointment.

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