Hopkins Public Schools enjoys high approval ratings for its communication efforts. According to a recent Decision Resources survey, approval ratings for the district's communications efforts rank Hopkins as one of the top two school districts in the metro area. 


Hopkins Public Schools has long believed that communications should be:

  • honest, reliable, clear, accurate, comprehensive, and well thought out;
  • directed to the appropriate community in a timely manner;
  • reflective of the school district's diversity; and
  • cost-effective.


Priority Commitments

These beliefs are reflected in some priority commitments, including:

  • keeping all identified stakeholders informed in timely and accurate ways;
  • fostering two-way communications; and
  • promoting an atmosphere that welcomes public involvement, fosters good will toward the school district, and encourages school/community partnerships.


Communications Strategy

In the spring of 2008, the Strategic Planning Committee included a communications objective and communications strategy in the district’s revised strategic plan.

The objective: Community members will be informed, connected, and engaged in the work of the Hopkins Public Schools.

The strategy: We will create a responsive and culturally sensitive communication system that allows us to inform, connect, and engage all parties.