Cooking for Kids and Parents

Students can make their favorite school meals right from home! Our Student Nutrition and Lifestyle services food service is dedicated to the maintenance of our students' nutritional health. We firmly believe that healthy eating patterns are essential for students to do well in school, enjoy the time they spend with their friends and family, and fully develop both mentally and physically. Furthermore, these habits have been linked to reduced risk for mortality and prevention of future chronic diseases.

Student Nutrition and Lifestyle Services lunch menus offer kids a wide variety of foods that are both nutritious and ethnically diverse. Students should be able to share their favorite foods that they try at school with their families! That is why we have offered recipes on our website to encourage students to learn healthy meal preparation skills. Cooking new recipes is a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed right at home! Try these recipes below that have come straight from our kitchen:


Hummus and Pita (pdf, 389 KB)

Originally from the Middle East, hummus is a great nutritional source for iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folate.  Enjoy it at home!

Sloppy Joe (pdf, 31 KB)

Sloppy Joe is an All-American recipe!  Try it on a whole wheat bun!

Oven Fried Chicken (pdf, 33 KB)

One of our newest Spring entrees!  Chicken breast marinated in buttermilk with a hint of garlic and hot sauce.  Topped with a light breading for you and your family to enjoy!

Veggie Wrap (pdf, 41 KB)

Want to eat something refreshing and healthy?  Enjoy some raw vegetables using this veggie wrap recipe.  Includes Havarti cheese, tomatos, lettuce, alphalfa sprouts, and cucumbers!

Teriyaki Chicken (pdf, 60 KB)

Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine.  Foods are either broiled or grilled in a soy sauce marinade.  Try this Teriyaki Chicken recipe at home!

Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes (pdf, 91 KB)

Red potatoes are a great source for potassium, vitamin C, and dietary fiber.  Try this red potato recipe with a ranch twist!