Healthy Habits Handbook

"We know that a child who is hungry and cannot learn: becomes a man or woman who cannot earn."

Join us in our efforts of creating happy, healthy students and children.  Children benefit physically, mentally, socially and academically by eating well and getting regular exercise. Healthy kids perform better on tests, are more focused in class, behave better, are absent less and have higher self esteem.

We've created a great resource for staff and families, called the Healthy Habits Handbook! Inside you will discover tools for school celebrations, healthy snacks and other innovative ideas to encourage a healthy community! 

Embark on the journey with us to guide children more accepting of a larger variety of foods and tastes that give them fuel they need to play, learn and grow.


Healthy Habits Handbook

The Hopkins Student Nutrition and Lifestyle Services Department created this Healthy Habits Handbook as a resource for teachers and staff. Inside you will find readily available resources to utilize daily.

Healthy Single Serving Snacks Ideas (pdf, 2 MB)

Snacks are a great way to provide quick energy for people on the go. Healthy snacks supplement meals by helping to provide the nutrients and energy growing bodies need. Offer foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy, rather than sugary treats and beverages filled with empty calories. NOTE: When providing snacks for a classroom or sports team, it is best to avoid products containing nuts, peanuts and peanut butter to prevent complications for children with allergies.