Our district is committed to ensuring that our teachers and classrooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art tools they need to help our students learn effectively and be well prepared for life in a technological world.

With leadership from our digital content coaches, district media specialists, and technology support specialists, we are continually strengthening and expanding the integration of technology into instruction, curriculum, and assessment in a variety of ways:

  • promoting technology in all curriculum areas and grade levels

  • implementation of student technology standards

  • offering ongoing professional training for all staff in the use of current technical tools and applications

  • providing state-of-the-art hardware, software, web-based and mobile apps, and online resources for students and staff

  • equitable access to a digital device (iPads and Chromebooks) for all students in grades 7-12


Digital Classrooms

Hopkins School District classrooms are digital learning environments that support personalized learning through blended learning experiences and current technical tools.

Technology for Students with Special Needs

Our Special Education department provides UDL (Universal Design for Learning) resources and training to ensure that our equipment and software meet the needs of all students.

Technology Support & Services

We provide highly skilled computer specialists to keep technology in our schools and departments running smoothly.

Contacts & Staff

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to service the educational and technology needs of our students, staff, and families.