Technology & Information Literacy Standards (TILS)

Our staff developed the Hopkins Technology & Information Literacy Standards (TILS), a set of standards and grade-level benchmarks that help ensure that all of our students will have digitally-enriched learning experiences that enhance their skills using information and technology. 

Essential TILS components

 The Hopkins TILS and their grade-level benchmarks are organized into four strands:

  • Inquiry, Research, and Problem Solving: The student will learn a continuous cycle of questioning, gathering, synthesizing, evaluating, and using information individually and collaboratively to create new knowledge and apply it to real-world situations.
  • Expanding Literacies: The student will read, view, listen, and communicate in any format for a variety of purposes.
  • Technology Use and Concepts: The student will explore multiple technologies, evaluate their suitability for the desired educational or personal task, and apply the tools as needed.
  • Ethical Participation in a Global Society: The student will participate productively in the global learning community and demonstrate safe, ethical, legal, and responsible behavior in the use of information and technology.

Links to the the grade-level TILS are provided below. Anyone with questions about them is welcome to contact the Library Media Specialist at one of our schools.