Eligibility, Policies & Parameters

Hopkins Public Schools provides transportation to the following resident students:

  • Elementary students living within the area of attendance .8 of a mile or more from the school
  • Resident secondary students living one mile or more from the school within the area of attendance
  • Resident elementary students attending XinXing Academy

Bus Stops

Generally, bus stops will be established within neighborhoods to serve as central collection points for the entire neighborhood.  Walk-to-stop distances will be within Board Policy.

Length of Bus Routes

The transportation supervisor and/or designee shall review on an annual basis, all bus routes in the District in order to ensure the safest and shortest bus routes available to transport all bus riders to and from school in the most economical way. Routes shall be arranged in such a way as to equalize, as nearly as possible, the length of bus routes and student loads consistent with the most efficient overall District transportation route structure. Bus routes shall not be longer than one hour and fifteen minutes (one way) whenever practical and possible.

Standard Bus Stop Parameters

Standard Bus Stops will be located in accordance with walking distances shown below:

Walking Distance, Home to Bus Stop:                    District 270 Maximum:
  • Elementary                                                             0.25 mile
  • Secondary                                                              0.40 mile
Walking Distance, Home to School:                        District 270 Maximum:
  • Elementary                                                              0.50 mile
  • Secondary                                                               0.80 mile

Standard Bus Stops will be established where:

  • School bus eight-way lights can be seen by motorists at the front and rear of the bus, at least 100 feet in a speed zone of 35 m.p.h. or less, and at least 300 feet in a speed zone of greater than 35 m.p.h.
  • Bus drivers do not need to negotiate a backup turn around
  • Routes are clearly visible and recognizable to bus drivers and substitute bus drivers who might not be familiar with the bus route
  • For bus stops located on county roads, the school bus eight-way lights will be activated 300 feet prior to the scheduled stop location

Scheduled Bus Stop Times

The school district expects our drivers to arrive at the scheduled bus stop at the times specified on the driver's official route copy, within reason.  Routes may run a few minutes early or late due to unexpected traffic patterns and other uncontrollable circumstances.  We ask that families have their child out at the scheduled bus stop no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time and that they wait at least 5 minutes after the scheduled stop time to insure their child is at the bus stop when the bus arrives.

Special Services

The school district provides transportation for special education students according to the child's Individual Education Plan. If you have a child with special needs requiring transportation different from the regular bus services, please work with your child's special education case manager (see the link in the resources box for District Special Services Staff) or call our Transportation Office at 952.988.4115.

Minneapolis Students

Hopkins Public Schools offers transportation from Minneapolis for approved  students. To find out if you are eligible for this program, please call the enrollment office at 952.988.4003.  For more information about the  program, please visit the link in the resources box.


Open Enrollment & In-District Transfer

Students who live outside their home school attendance boundary may use an already existing stop that is located in their home school attendance boundary, but only on a space-available basis. Parents are responsible for making sure the student is transported to and from the stop safely. If overcrowding occurs, students may be removed from the bus roster. To request use of transportation service at an existing bus stop, please complete the Transportation Form located in the resources box. For more information about Open Enrollment and In-District Transfer (Parent Option), please visit the links in the resources box.

School Board Policies

Several Hopkins Public Schools policies govern our transportation services to all Hopkins Public Schools, ISLA and Blake School .Links to these policies are provided in the resources box.