Great to World Class Campaign


"World class does not mean elite or exclusive. It means, the best. And every child in Hopkins deserves the best." - Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed

Hopkins: Great to World Class from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.

Introducing Vision 2031

In our quest to go from Great to World Class, we are embarking on Vision 2031 — a vision of innovation to reimagine Hopkins Public Schools starting from the ground up. Every child in Hopkins deserves a brilliant future. And the future will demand a different type of student. Vision 2031 represents what Hopkins Public Schools will look like in the year 2031 – the year our current kindergarten class will graduate.

While we don't know what jobs will exist, or what skills employees will need, we DO know that employees will need to be highly adaptive and apply learning to their work at an unprecedented level, as education and jobs are being reshaped by technology. We need to not only prepare our students for this future, we need to prepare our teachers.



Hopkins Royal Reps

May 23, 2019
Are you a creative, out-of-box thinker who likes solving problems, working with others and talking to people? You may be right for the Royal Rep program!